DNR reminds residents to be safe with campfires

Posted at 12:02 PM, Sep 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-02 12:02:15-04

With many people traveling and camping, and enjoying time with friends and family this Labor Day weekend, Michiganders should keep fire safety in mind if having a campfire or bonfire.

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is encouraging residents to be mindful and safe when starting their campfires. In a release, they state that while many areas have received rainfall, there are still some areas that are below average in precipitation this season.

Also, during this time some grass and leaves begin to die, causing them to dry more quickly and can fuel fire.

Here are some safety precaution and tips from the DNR for your bonfire and campfires:

• Clear an area to mineral soil around your campfire or debris burning site before lighting your fire.
• Never leave any fire unattended.
• Keep all campfires and debris fires small.
• Have water available in case your fire flares up. If the fire does escape, call 911 immediately before attempting to put it out.
• When you are done with your fire, drown it with plenty of water. Wet everything thoroughly, especially the undersides of unburned pieces. Stir the ashes to find any hot embers and wet everything again.
• Do not simply bury your fire; soil will act as an insulating blanket and mask the heat beneath the surface.

For more information and tips, click here.