Divided Lansing church starts fresh

Posted at 5:43 PM, Mar 27, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 07:12:10-04

On Easter Sunday, members of the Friendship House of Prayer Baptist Church on Waverly Road in Lansing started their new beginning.

A new journey after years of trials and tribulations.

"We as Friendship House of Prayer Baptist Church are moving forward. We're not worried about behind us," said Reverend David Ford.

In 2014, the Friendship Baptist Church on Pleasant Grove Road was divided into two congregations. Things got heated to the point that one sided locked the other out. That damaged the locks to the point where the city had to close down the church, saying it was a fire hazard.

Half of the congregation briefly worshiped at Lansing Community College's community center while the other in the garage of the church.

In November of 2014, some members of the Friendship Baptist Church were back in their building after the city Fire Marshall cleared the building. The other members who followed Rev. David Ford went to Prince of Peace Baptist on Miller Road.

For over a year, the congregation worshiped with the Prince of Peace parishioners until Sunday when they opened their new home.

"Man this feels glorious, wonderful man," cheered Rev. Ford. "For what God has done. We are moving forward and to God be the glory."

The Reverend and First Lady, Cassandra Ford, told FOX 47 News that they are sorry for the incidents that happened two years ago.

"We just took our time and pray fully and God moved us here. It's been a rough journey on looking and going through and different things like that," said Rev. Ford.

He regrets what happened but believes everything happens for a reason.

"In life you go through in order to get to and as you go through it's not what you go through but it is how you go through," Rev. Ford.

They're turning the page to a new chapter.