Democrats say bidding process on Capitol View was rigged

Posted: 10:09 AM, Oct 21, 2016
Updated: 2016-10-21 10:09:54-04

Donald Trump isn't the only one throwing the word "rigged" around.

Democratic Party leaders spoke outside the Capitol View building, which will soon be home to state senate offices.

They claim the bidding process was rigged in favor of building owner Ron Boji, a major Republican donor who owed $65,000 in unpaid taxes when he bid on the project.

"This is a sterling example of the system being rigged. It is right in front of us. You can see people working on a luxury $134 million office space for legislators," said Brandon Dillon, Michigan Democratic Party. "At the same time our roads are crumbling, our schools are suffering and our tax payers are being forced to foot the bill for this."

Boji's unpaid taxes could have disqualified him from the bidding process. He was the only one of four bidders who wasn't asked to be owed back taxes.

Attorney General Bill Schuette chose not to investigate. 

Republicans say the move into the Capitol View will be a good deal for taxpayers in the long term.