Democratic debate could happen in Flint

Posted at 9:43 PM, Jan 31, 2016
Sunday night, the Democratic National Committee announced there will additional Democratic debates, and Michigan is a likely stop.
There have not been any presidential debates in Michigan yet, there are no Republican debates scheduled.
Now, both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s camps are talking about the possibility of a debate happening in Flint.
"With all the things that are going on in Michigan, especially the crisis in Flint, I think that we need to have our candidates speak on the issues that we are facing here in Michigan,” said Sean Grant, a Michigander. 
Grant and others who talked with 7 Action News are encouraged by the idea of a Flint debate.
"I really would for someone to speak to the fact that for ore than a year and half now no one has really addressed the issue that's going on in Flint,” said Grant.
"Flint mostly, because they need help,” said resident, Nadia Payne.
Both Sanders and Clinton’s campaign’s have said they would debate in Flint.  The final word on if the debate will happen will come down to both campaigns agreeing on other terms.
According to Bernie Sanders’ campaign manager, Jeff Weaver,  Sanders would be pleased to debate Clinton in Flint, Michigan, before the Michigan primary as long as Clinton will agree to one in Brooklyn, New York, on April 14. 
Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta responded that there is "nothing worse than a debate about debates" and said the Sanders campaign's demands had been met.
If the debate does happen, it would happen before Michigan’s March 8th primary.