Demand for affordable housing in Michigan

Posted at 7:46 AM, Oct 21, 2016

There's a big demand for affordable housing in Michigan, but not enough supply.

The state says people should be spending about 30-percent of their income on housing, but more than half of people in Michigan spend more than that.

It's a big burden for a lot of people, including many mid-Michigan families who have to make touch decisions to keep their houses.

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority says their focus is trying to get people in homes and cut down on the number of people who are rent overburden.

"Over 50-percent are paying more than 30-percent of their income towards rent, which is a big number when you break it down to folks that aren't making that much money," said Andy Martin, director of development for Michigan State Housing Development Authority. "I think that's always the target. We do see that number."

They have programs in place like 'Own MI Home,' designed to help people become home owners.