Delays in making intersection safer

Posted at 6:35 PM, Aug 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-25 18:35:52-04

Waiting to turn left onto Saginaw Highway from Broadbent Road can take a while.

"It's a zoo out there. It's dangerous," said Ron Anderson, Co-Owner of H&H Jewelry Designs.

Since his shopped moved in about 13 years ago, he's had a front row seat to multiple accidents.

"I see a lot of cars that wreck there because people take chances because they get frustrated not being able to get across," Anderson explained.

Especially the drivers who have been sitting in line.

Eaton County's Lieutenant Mark Wriggelsworth told us the intersection is only going to get busier.

"I think with new businesses coming, specifically Gander Mountain that's behind us, that could bring some more traffic here. So the concern is, because there's so much traffic and people trying to pull out, there could be a crash," he explained.

It's a similar situation down the road at Delta Commerce Drive and Saginaw Highway.

MDOT approved traffic lights for both intersections in April. The Township says Delta Commerce should get one installed next year, but the one at Broadbent may take a little longer.

"The north side of Broadbent is gonna have to be widened, we're gonna have to add a left turn lane," explained Township Supervisor Ken Fletcher. "So, Eaton County Road Commission is in the process of doing the engineering work and coming up with a funding source to make that happen."

Right now, the Road Commission is waiting for MDOT to approve a grant that would cover most of the project's cost.

Anderson hopes the funding comes through sooner rather than later.

"There's gonna be more people injured," he said. "We hope to get a light there some time, slow people down, make it safer in this area."

Lt. Wriggelsworth says the safest thing to do is to only turn right onto Saginaw from Broadbent and Delta Commerce Drive and then make your way back to your route.