Debating school social media policies

Debating school social media policies
Debating school social media policies
Posted at 6:41 PM, Feb 04, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-05 08:44:24-05

Tumblr and Twitter are just two ways Lysne Tait's kids are continuing their education outside the classroom.

"They talk about what's going on in class, they talk about what their next project is going to be," she explained. "So, you can follow it easily; and, as a parent, that's nice because then I can see what's gonna happen next in my kid's life."

And, she appreciates the use of what she considers an important tool in our world today.

"The more you know how to use those different platforms, the better off you're gonna be," Tait said. "I think it's integral to where they're gonna go in the next, you know, their next step."

But, the House Education Committee is concerned about how far online conversations can go.

"In some cases, a few cases, but a few is too many in my opinion, there have been inappropriate interactions that have happened between students and staff that have been funneled through social media," explained Rep. Adam Zemke (D - Ann Arbor).

So, he presented a bill aimed at regulating the interaction between students and teachers on social media.

"The goal is to provide something that provides clarity, that protects everybody involved," he explained.

And the rules are up to each school district.

Tait told us she hopes the restrictions are light because sites like Facebook create several opportunities for discussion.

"Like somebody'll post something and they don't do any research and you get all excited because it's got this meme and it's all inflammatory. And then, you go look up the information and it's not true. And I think that's an excellent teaching opportunity for any classroom," she said.

Opportunities that arise at all hours of the day, not just the hours kids are in school.

The House Education Committee is still discussing the bill and getting feedback from teachers.

A vote is expected within the next few weeks. We'll let you know if it passes.