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Dash cam video of fatal officer-involved shooting

Posted at 8:27 AM, Feb 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-22 08:27:52-05

FOX 47 has received footage from Ingham County Prosecutors office after the November 28, 2017, fatal Eaton Count Sheriff's officer-involved shooting. That day officers were attempting to serve Robert Smith, 64, of Charlotte with a warrant on a weapons charge.

Reports show on November 26, 2017, Smith was arrest by the Michigan Department of Natural Resource for driving while intoxicated. During that arrest, a gun was also recovered on Smith which led to the deputies also attempting to serve Smith a search warrant for firearms, according to the prosecutor's statement.

However, before deputies could do that Smith drove off in a pickup truck.

The dashcam video shows- deputies attempting to pull him over, by sounding their sirens 
One deputy said "I'm still not stopping," into his radio.

You can hear from one of the deputies body cameras that one or both deputies make loud and clear commands for Smith to stop the vehicle

You can hear a deputy's voice shout to Smith, "shut the car off, shut the car off, he's peeling out he's turning northbound he's about ready to come right at me."

The footage showed Smith turn his truck around, aimed at the deputies vehicles.

A deputy then said, "and he's coming at us."

Next, the footage shows Smith's truck smash into the patrol car which caused it to hit the unmarked detective vehicle. The impact threw the detective to the ground where he was reportedly injured. The video shows that same detective on his knees as he continued to fire shots and the truck.

Each deputy fired eight rounds, for a total of 16 shots fired.

According to the review, of the police reports and the video, conducted by the Ingham County Prosecutor's office it was concluded that there were no other reasonable means to avoid Robert Smith's threat, and no criminal charges will be pursued against either deputy.

Autopsy reports indicate the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the head. Smith also had a blood alcohol content of 0.19, as well as marijuana and prescription anti-depressants in his system.

Eaton County Sheriff Tom Reich released a statement earlier today stating he believed his officers acted lawfully, and that he understood the grief mr. smith's family is going through.

In a statement from the Eaton County Sheriff's Office: "first of all, any loss of life is tragic, and we understand the resulting grief that Mr. Smith’s family and friends are going through."

FOX 47's Alani Letang will show that video coming up Wednesday at 6 P.M.