Crews ready to clear roads

Posted at 8:05 AM, Jan 12, 2016

The weekend dumped snow on Mid-Michigan, and some roads couldn't even be cleared before a fresh batch of snow blew in on Monday.

The Ingham County Road Department is ready to clear it, says Managing Director Bill Conklin. "We've salted pretty heavily today. There is still some wetness out there, but there's a lot of brine in that, a lot of salt," Conklin said. "The evening crew will probably be coming in early to address any slippery spots."

In addition to snow, there's overtime in the forecast. "Our crews are pretty dedicated, and they'll be out early probably every day," Conklin said. "It's kind of tough on them, having to start their day early every day, but they kind of gear up for it at this time of year."

One driver says the work is paying off. "They're not that bad, the major roads, but apartment complexes and neighborhoods are maybe more slippery," Taylor Harmon said.

The areas that haven't been cleared of snow from the weekend are first up now. The road department rotates which neighborhoods it clears first. "If we continue to get snow throughout the week and they were missed today, they'll probably be first tomorrow," Conklin said.

In the meantime, drivers say they will be careful on the roads. "Preheat the car before getting in it, drive five miles an hour under the limit, pretty much just pray to God that no one hits you," Joshua Cornell said