Convicted murderer Charles Lewis, Jr. is missing

Posted: 12:31 PM, Sep 07, 2016
Updated: 2016-09-07 18:05:51-04

Convicted murderer Charles Lewis, Jr. has gone AWOL. The Ingham County Prosecutor's Office has confirmed what has learned from several other sources, that the 20-year-old walked away from a group home in Macomb County without permission Sunday.

Lewis was 13 years old when he was present at the gang-related murder of Shayla Johnson in Lansing in 2010. Johnson was dragged from her home, beaten and killed during an attempted robbery. Lewis has been serving a delayed sentence because of his age at the time of the killing.

He last appeared in Ingham County Judge R. George Economy's courtroom in early August for a status hearing. At the hearing, it was revealed he got in trouble in transitional housing for trying to fake a urine test.

His therapist, Alexis Terry, program director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. group home testified Lewis admitted to drinking alcohol to deal with his mother's cancer diagnoses.

Terry also testified at the hearing that she believed Lewis had learned his lesson and was at low risk of re-offending.

Judge Economy has one year left before Lewis's 21st birthday, when he has to decide to release him under a delayed sentence or send Lewis to prison, possibly for the rest of his life.