Construction to shut down US-127 northbound for the weekend

Posted at 7:15 AM, Aug 09, 2017

The project will start Friday night at 9:00 PM and finish by Monday morning at 7:00 AM.

Roadwork can cause all kinds of traffic nightmares, and that will be coming to mid-Michigan this weekend when a stretch of US-127 northbound is shut down entirely.

"We were kind of thinking of maybe going north this weekend but not now," exclaims Diane Mummaw.

Outside of changing vacation plans, people who work in the area will be affected too.

Darya Kuzmenko is a real estate agent who says she won't have time to take the long detour that will take people west on I-496 to I-96 to I-69 and back to US-127 in Clinton county:

"Sometimes you have to plan your schedule and literally you don't have 15 minutes in between so that's going to be really tough," Kuzmenko explains.

MDOT's Kari Arend says it's important that this work be completed sooner than later, especially with a lot going on come fall-time:

"It'll be better especially with the events coming up on campus. A lot of special events in the fall, we have move-in coming in so hopefully the weather will be agreeable and we can get the work done this weekend."

The construction will make for a smoother road and make it safer on the bridges in that stretch of US-127.

But for the two and a half days it will be going on, drivers say they're not happy with the long detour, which is why MDOT is urging people to find different routes using city roads or avoiding US-127 entirely.

Or in the case of Bill and Diane Mummaw, reschedule entirely.

"We'll just have to wait for another weekend," Diane says.