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Conquer Accelerator Accepting Applications for FoUrth Season, launching june 2019

Conquer Accelerator Accepting Applications for FoUrth Season, launching june 2019
Posted at 10:50 AM, Nov 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-11-14 10:50:44-05

The Conquer Accelerator program announced today it is accepting applications for its Season Four Cohort, launching June 2019. Applications will close on April 19th, 2019.

Hosted by Spartan Innovations at the MSU Hatch, Conquer Accelerator is designed to help both startups and emerging companies overcome business hurdles. The accelerator’s programming emphasizes smart planning and growth, extensive mentorship from an experienced bench of professionals, and structured educational components. Any qualifying business may apply to the Conquer Accelerator—an existing affiliation with Michigan State University is not a prerequisite. For those startups from within the Michigan State University system, the Conquer Accelerator fills a crucial gap in the development cycle of new companies in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

“The Conquer Accelerator acts as a final launching platform for startups from MSU and beyond, preparing companies to hit the ground running,” says Paul Jaques, Conquer Accelerator’s program director. “Our program puts the finishing touches on startup teams and prepares them for investment.”

Selected teams receive a $20k investment—in exchange for a convertible note—and work through an intensive ten-week program. Conquer Accelerator teams also receive one-on-one mentorship and support, a creative working space, and resources to enable them to grow their startup companies.

“We’re pleased to see how this program grows, year-over-year,” said Tom Stewart, the business accelerator’s program manager. “It’s exciting to see a diversity of applications from high-quality startups. I look forward to working with 2019’s cohort teams.”

Built with a strong bench of entrepreneur and business leader mentors, each of the ten weeks in the Conquer program focuses on completing specific goals, as well as working with mentors and instructors on topics like fundraising, technology, and sustainability. Conquer culminates in demo week presentations with investors.

Startup applicants should reflect the following attributes:

* products or services that solve problems for specific target customers

* capital-efficient business, operational at less than $1M in external funding

* scalable distribution or proven ability to scale sales

* simple revenue model: transactions, subscriptions, affiliates

* functional prototype or prior product success

* measurable traction, e.g.: engaged users, revenue, attractive unit economics

* three (or more) members in a cross-functional team

* ability for entire team to be in East Lansing, Michigan for the entire duration of the program

The Conquer Accelerator’s upcoming teams will be announced the week of May 6th, 2019; the program will kick off on June 3rd, 2019, concluding mid-August 2019.


About Spartan Innovations Spartan Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Michigan State University Foundation, provides emerging entrepreneurs and innovators educational and financial support, turning MSU-based research technologies and student-created ventures into successful companies. Each summer, Spartan Innovations runs a ten-week, intensive program: Conquer Accelerator. Come talk to us, take a tour, or find out more:

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