Conditions not bad enough to close MSU

Posted at 6:17 PM, Feb 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-25 18:17:03-05

Wednesday's storm caused a lot of places to close but Michigan State University wasn't one of them.

"Well, I just didn't understand, MSU kind of stays open a lot more than most schools around us" said Jessica Carabell, Michigan State freshman.

The university says it's normal for them to stay open because there's too many essentials on campus for them to shut down.

"I've got mixed feelings on it," said MSU student, David Pastula. "I feel that especially for commuters and some professors it's really hard to get to campus. Especially, for an early class time with how the roads were this morning."

Pastula believes the university should have thought more about the many students that live off campus. He says drivers are put at risk when they drive to campus on snowy days.

A drive that usually takes Pastual 20 minutes almost doubled Thursday.

"It was interesting, it was a bit dicey. I was able to get here but it took me about two to three times longer than it normally does" said Pastual.

The university says MSU would have only suspended classes if the road conditions were too bad for students to drive. A spokesman told us that there are too many essential operations to close the campus entirely because of weather.

Students like Joseph Novick say they are glad the university decided to stay open.

"I have one class on Thursday and it only happens on Thursdays." said Novick. "So if I were to miss this class, it would be like missing a week of classes and so I don't think they can afford to give snow days."

Novick believes MSU made the best decision for students.

"I mean I think they did a good job plowing the streets and everything. It's pretty easy to walk. It's not even snowing anymore, honestly unpopular opinion" Novick said.

But if classes were cancelled, he admits, he would enjoy the snow day.

"Obviously we'd all want a snow day and that'd be beneficial but I'm definitely not complaining about having class" said Novick.