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Community upset over swastika painting on school

Posted at 6:28 AM, Sep 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-26 06:30:46-04

A Mid-Michigan community is expressing anger over the swastika graffiti painted on the side of an East Lansing catholic school.

Neighbors say they're disturbed by the symbol of hate on Saint Thomas Aquinas.

“To taint the walls of a school with something that has embodied so much hatred blows my mind that anyone would even want to do that”, said Mariena Jones.

East Lansing Police Deputy Chief Steve Gonzalez says the department is on the search to find the suspects who defaced a wall outside the school.

“When I heard about the graffiti image, it reminded me that a swastika is a shocking image to start with because it is a symbol of a cross with a broken cross”, said Michael Shiels, a member of the St. Thomas Aquinas Church.

“It is meant to be shocking to begin with and whoever would paint something like this obviously is trying to shock people and try and get attention.”

Officials say the swastika painting was discovered Tuesday and quickly removed.

“My son is biracial and you know we've experienced things as he's grown up too”, said long-time East Lansing resident Tina Benington.

“Who would do something like that? Why they would do it to that particular building?”

Resident say they're disturbed the school was used as a canvass to display a symbol of hate.

“No matter if it's because someone wants to spread that disgusting message of hate and what that means or if they think it's a joke because it's not a joke”, Lindsay Forintos explained.

“Especially like on a children's school.”

Cryss Walker stopped by the school to try to talk to someone about the disturbing image but she was asked by staff to leave the premises.

The East Lansing Police Department tells FOX 47 News, although the graffiti is a concern the school is not in any danger.