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Commissioners vote to revoke Rand's benefits

Posted at 4:45 PM, May 01, 2018

The Jackson County Board of Commissioners met Tuesday morning in Jackson.

On the agenda, was the resolution to revoke Sheriff Rand's benefits if he didn't resign by May 1.

Towards the end of the meeting, the board discussed the issue and a motion was passed.

The resolution to eliminate his benefits passed 8-0 and is effective immediately.

Commissioner Jonathan Williams said, "The whole month of April this information was available to him," referring to the fact that Rand knew this was a possibility and did nothing about it.

This was the last step the commissioners could take since Sheriff Rand has refused to step down.

The Board of Commissioners couldn't cut or take away his salary by county law, however, they could vote for the sheriff to lose the following fringe benefits:

Medical, Life and Disability insurance provided by the county, paid leave, and others.

He wouldn't be able to drive his county-owned vehicle for personal use either.

Sheriff Rand was heard making derogatory statements about women, minorities and people with disabilities on audio tapes released as part of a lawsuit against him.

Rand has apologized for his words and his actions, but says he won't step down.

The sheriff is also accused of diverting funds from the jail commissary in order to buy a patrol vehicle that he drove exclusively.

Jackson City Mayor, the city council and the county board of commissioners have all called for Rand 's resignation.

County Administrator Michael Overton says the Board of Commissioners hope by eliminating Sheriff Rand's benefits that it will encourage him to do what they say is the right thing and resign.

"We've given him every opportunity to do the right thing and responsible thing for the betterment of not only the community but internally the organization and thus far he has not resigned and people are suffering, frankly. So, we need to do what we can to provide incentive for him to resign" Michael Overton said.

Since Sheriff Rand is an elected official he cannot be fired.

He can only be removed by the governor or by a recall election.

The county has asked Governor Snyder to remove the sheriff from office, and that request is currently being reviewed.

Undersheriff Chris Kuhl would take over the sheriff's office if Rand does resign.