Commission to host Child Lead Exposure Elimination forum in Jackson

Posted: 10:54 AM, Jun 13, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-13 14:54:08Z

Flint is not the only city in Michigan with a lead problem. Research has found that lead exposure is happening all over the state, including in Mid-Michigan.

The Ingham County Lead Poisoning Prevention research found that 70% of lead poisoned children in Ingham County live in rental homes, yet many cities including Lansing do not require lead clearance as part of their rental inspection or licensing program.

Michigan State University also found elevated lead levels were found in Battle Creek, Muskegon and Jackson, Michigan.

The state's Child Lead Exposure Elimination Commission (CLEEC) is hosting a public forum in Jackson Wednesday afternoon.

The event will be held at the Jackson County Health Department at 1715 Lansing Avenue from 2:30-5:00 PM in Conference Room 005.

During the forum, the commission will be gathering feedback on a 5-year plan to create a lead-free state.

The action plan places a priority on preventing children from being exposed to lead poisoning.

Federal, state, and local community leaders, local health departments, healthcare providers, homeowners and tenants can share their input on how the plan can be implemented.

The CLEEC was established in 2017 to coordinate all efforts for the elimination of child lead exposure statewide, including the implementation of recommendations from the report, A Roadmap to Eliminating Child Lead Exposure. The commission prioritized the recommendations and grouped the objectives into six categories: regulations/laws, funding, testing, data, partnerships and education.

More forums may be scheduled in other areas of the state. For a full list, visit