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Cold weather not making flood cleanup any easier

Posted at 8:30 AM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 10:07:36-05

The cold temperatures are not helping the people of Meridian Township as they try to keep up with restoration efforts from recent flooding.

We caught up with Alon Yossef after speaking with him earlier this week to see how his home repair efforts were going.

"I have to throw a lot of the belongings, and mechanical, the washer, dryer, I mean whatever was in the basement. And those stuff you can replace, some stuff we couldn't save," he said.

According to Yossef, big insurance companies were making it hard to get the process going.

"The insurance, and get your approval for everything you're doing, And you want to do it as fast as you can and they are not helping. I wish there was some law that could protect people against the big company," he said.

In addition, cold temperatures add another layer to the already stressful process.

"They are working hard, and its definitely harder than a sunny day like we had yesterday but I believe they will pull it out. Its winter, there's nothing that we can do." Yossef said. "We still have March, the long month ahead of us, the cold temperatures are going to affect us so this happens every year, its winter. Its Michigan. Its winter."