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Code violations at LHC properties

Posted: 9:05 AM, Aug 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-08-15 13:47:25Z
Code violations at LHC properties

A fatal fire at a Lansing public housing complex has prompted city officials to speed up its inspection of the properties.

Tuesday, Mayor Andy Schor released inspection reports for two of the five complexes managed by the Lansing Housing Commission.

The violations range from rat infestation to work done without permits and broken smoke detectors, all at the LaRoy Froh townhomes and the South Washington Complex.

Residents at Tuesday's mayor press conference said enough talk with cosmetics, they want to know about the health issues.

"But what about the health part? My daughter lives down there in South Washington and she comes over to my house to do laundry, she brings mice with her all the time. I went up to her house and there are mice, what about the health part?" said one resident.

"That is part of the report and we expected that to be corrected too. That's a finding we find in other places we expect terminators to take care of that. So part of the reinspection will be expecting a terminating to go through and address those issues," responded Brian McGrain, the Director of Economic Development & Planning for the City of Lansing.

"Ok just to add on to that, I see the rodent people down there all the time, I literally do see them. But there are other problems as far as health issues," the resident said.

This one resident spoke on behalf of his daughter at South Washington Apartment complex managed by the Lansing Housing Commission.  The city said part of the re-inspection process will deal with that issue.

"Sometimes there are issues that happen and they are fixed and they happen again," said Mayor Andy Schor, City of Lansing.

Mayor Schor said they had a fixed schedule since he took office in January. But in June when a deadly fire took the lives of a mother and her young son at the LaRoy Froh complex in South Lansing, they sped up that agenda.

The inspections found over a dozen violations from holes in the wall, to unapproved furnaces.

"All of these issues will be addressed whatever you see in that report will be addressed and will be fixed," said Schor.

The unit where two people died in the June fire could not be inspected because of fire damage.

Mayor Schor said he hopes to have the rest of the complexes done in a few weeks

The Lansing Housing Commission will be bringing in a third party contractor to help with the job

Schor said the inspections are moving along faster than previously expected.