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Clear off snow from your car to avoid a ticket

Posted at 9:46 AM, Feb 12, 2018

 Before you head outside to warm up your car and start clearing off the windshield, you'll want to add to your to-do-list or you could get a ticket.

There's a state law that requires people to get all of the snow off their vehicles.

You may not have a problem clearing off your windshield, back window, side windows and mirrors before you leave your driveway, however, in the state of Michigan if a vehicle is not cleared completely and snow and ice flies off of it while driving, the driver could get fined.

That means you need to clear off everything, especially the roof of your car.

FOX 47 sent one of our photographers out earlier Monday morning and he has seen several vehicles parked with snow covering them.

As well as vehicles driving with snow still on the roof of the car.

According to state law that's illegal.

Michigan law states that a person cannot have snow, ice or slush, fly off their car and land onto the road or land on the vehicle of another car and blind the driver.

You also need to clear your headlights and tail lights so they can clearly be seen as well as your license plate.