City officials working to keep city cool

Posted at 6:49 PM, Jul 21, 2016

 To help make sure people aren't spending any time in the emergency room or hospital during this hot weather. Local communities are doing several things to help people stay safe.

On these hot summer days some people aren't able to leave their homes and head to the pool.

"It's very important to go check on these members of our community because they don't always have the ability to help themselves," said Sgt. Andrew Bouck.

During extreme weather, East Lansing's patrol division drives around the city making sure everyone is keeping cool and hydrated.

"I know some of these people I'll start with a few phone calls and those I can't get in touch with," Bouck said. "We'll go out to their door and knock on their doors."

Sgt. Bouck visits dozens of senior citizens who are registered in the city's "prime time program," those with no one else to look out for them.

"This is what we do every single day," Bouck said. "We're visible and I think people appreciate their police department, their fire department, their city government is out here helping them."

Cities are working together to help out their neighbors during this heat.

"In a community like we have, no one can be an island we have to work together no one has enough resources," said Lansing Emergency Manager, Mike Tobin. "We're all interdependent on each other."

East Lansing and Lansing fire, police, and city officials worked to get hundreds of cases of water sent out to more than 50 cooling centers in the Tri-county area.

"If your house is warm, if you don't have air conditioning" said Lansing Mayor, Virg Bernero. "If you don't have access to some of that comfort use these cooling centers. It's better to be safe than sorry."

Cities working together to make sure the heat doesn't sneak up on us.

"It's nice to be out there on a super hot day like this letting them know we care," said Sgt. Bouck.