City Of Lansing helps out kids in need

Posted: 8:23 AM, Dec 30, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-30 08:23:55-05

Many children have been out of school for winter break for several days. During that time some of them are missing out on meals they can't get at home.

"When you do the math you realize that kids are going home and there's nothing there" said Dr. Joan Jackson-Johnson, Human Relations & Community Service.

"The majority of the Lansing area kids receive 2 free meals a day at school, they get breakfast in morning and lunch. Kids were still missing 8.2 meals a week" said Dr. Jackson-Johnson.

But with help from the City of Lansing hundreds of children are able to avoid going hungry.

Each family were able to either pick up the meals from Meijer or buy the groceries themselves, up to $50.

"This basket consists of a couple boxes of cereal, some pasta, macaroni and cheese, fruit, chips, cookies. We have milk, we have meat, and we have peanut butter and jelly" said Dr. Jackson-Johnson.

Families with kids who normally get free lunch were able to sign up for the assistance and are now able to make sure they have food on the table.

"We'll be able to go home and look in the basket and see what we have. We'll actually maybe fix something out of the basket for dinner" said Loren Smalley.

For many families putting food on the table each day can sometimes be difficult. That's why Vickie Johnson and her daughter spent an hour on two buses to make it to Meijer on Lake Lansing.

"But when the kids are at school and it's more at home but when they are not it's less. So this really you know help the people get the things they need" said Vickie Johnson.

Now thanks to the city they won't have to go without.

"It's about partnering with the community, stores, partnering with other individuals through faith based community that will help us to make sure that no kid goes to bed hungry" Dr. Jackson-Johnson said.

A community effort to help the entire city.