City focusing pothole work on main roads

Posted at 6:08 PM, Apr 11, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-12 07:38:44-04

Warmer temperatures are coming back up and so are the dreaded potholes.

Brenda Button has lived off of Marin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard in South Lansing for years. She and her family watch as drivers swerve around avoiding hundreds of potholes.

"When you're going down the road you hit a pothole you're bouncing. Your car will literally bounce," Button said.

So when Ingham County released a nixle alert this weekend about potholes in her neighborhood, possibly damaging cars. They weren't surprised.

"You have to glide in them because if you didn't glide into them, you were going to do some major damage," Button explains of how to avoid car damage.

She says she feels completely ignored, "we asked and we asked to get these roads fixed," said Button.

But Public Service Director Chad Gamble says they haven't forgotten about them.

"Our general focus is on major streets because of the increase mileage that those streets receive," Gamble said.

Since residential roads don't see a lot of cars traveling on them they aren't first priority.

"There's lots of commercial traffic on it," said Gamble. "There's lots of commerce that happens on the major street network thus higher loading more damages can occur on them."

He says the city doesn't have the funding to completely do an over haul of those roads.

"We do the best that we can through patching and potholing and over laying roads," Gamble said.

So as long as the weather holds up the city will have crews out patching in as many potholes as they can.

Brenda Button says she'll be waiting for her street to be next.