Christmas Returns And Holiday Sales

Posted at 12:08 PM, Dec 27, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-27 12:08:50-05

Saturday morning shoppers rushed to the Meridian Mall in Okemos to return or exchange those gifts that just didn't work for them.

"I opened it and I was like oh my gosh I love this" said Tara Martinez. "And then I tried it on and it didn't really look the best on me so I just asked for gift receipts and went in to go back and get something that looks better on me."

Many shoppers were surprised by how prepared stores were. They expected to wait several minutes in lines but fortunately didn't.

But one shopper was just beginning his Christmas shopping.

"This year I just waited a little longer. I kept saying, I'll get it later, I'll get it later, I'll get it later. Well today's later." said Rudy Reyes.

While Reyes is putting thought into his gifts, he still likes the ease of gift cards.

"Sometimes when you get them a gift they don't want it but they hang onto it because it's a present. And if you give them a gift card they can get exactly what they want." Reyes said.

Shoppers told FOX 47 News that they are using the gift cards they got for Christmas to take in those holiday deals.

"My grandparents don't know me that well so they're like I'll just get her a gift card and so I think a lot of people do that now" Zandra Siple said. And she's glad her grandparents got her gift cards instead of something else.

"You can definitely go shopping for more of what you think will fit you better or what you want to get with a gift card, so that's easier for you" Siple said.

But Michelle Bisard doesn't like giving gift cards.

"I think they'd rather have gift cards to pick their own things out but I don't like to give gift cards because I'm thoughtful and I like to put thought into somebody's gifts" Bisard said.

Despite the reason for going to the mall after Christmas, it looks like it's becoming a different kind of holiday tradition.