Child Abuse Prevention Training Held

While survivor's of Larry Nassar continue to heal from years of abuse, a mid-Michigan group is giving lessons to parents on how to create an open environment with their children, when it comes to sexual assault. FOX 47's Marcus Dash reports.

Although it's a Saturday- school was in session for parents at East Lansing High School. They were earning about preventing child abuse.

"Prevention training is really to help people understand child sexual abuse, how it happens, what may be the grooming dynamics are, and how to listen to a disclosure, and respond appropriately," said Tashmica Torok.

Tashmica Torok from the Firecracker Foundation says she tries to tie in humor along with everyday examples to create a friendly learning experience for parents. 
Especially when tackling such a serious topic such as child sexual abuse.

"It's really important to create an environment where it is safe to be where they are, and also talk to them about real life experience, and how we can talk to our families, and our kids," said Torok.

Erin Graham Vice President of the East Lansing school board was one of the many in attendance. 
She thinks training like this for parents is crucial now and in the days ahead for their children.

"The more adults in our community that are aware of how to prevent child sexual abuse as well as how to respond, should a child disclose, I think the safer our children will be," said Graham.

Torok says even though Nassar's case shined a light on child sexual abuse... it's not an isolated incident. Being the main reason for the training.

"We as a community need to build a movement to end child sexual abuse by educating ourselves by doing the work to protect our kids," said Torok.

The training session was followed by a response panel of experts that are professionals in the field of sexual violence. 

The firecracker foundation plans on having more for of these so more people can get involved.