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Chicken owner may get his birds back

Posted at 8:55 AM, Sep 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-21 09:00:35-04

82 chickens and not a peep heard. That's what many neighbors said after dozens of farm animals were seized at one Lansing home.

FOX 47's Alani Letang went the neighborhood to see what it's going to take for the owner, Clarence Walker, to get those chickens back. Walker's going to have to sell, a lot of his frozen birds to come up with the more than $2,000 he's going to need to get the live chickens back.

Neighbors don't seem too concerned about the number of chickens Walker had.

"80 plus chickens I had no idea. Yeah, no that's surprising." neighbor Sarah Grey said in shock. "They weren't nearly as disruptive as the numbers would make it sound," said Grey.

Grey lives just two houses down from Walker's backyard barnyard, she told Letang she didn't mind most of the animals.

"We saw the goats, there were a couple times they would take them out for a walk and my 2-year-old loved it she got really excited," said Grey.

Neighbors told Letang they could've gone without the morning rooster alarm clock. Walker said he was only trying to provide food and supplies to his family and friends.

"You know it's a sad day in America when someone can steal your food and then charge you over a thousand dollars to get it back," said Walker.

Walker said he has 16 acres in Dimondale where his farm animals were going to go before Ingham County Animal Control seized them. "It's a process, it's costly, but I'm going to stand strong and move forward I'm not going to quit. I've invested too much to stop it right now," Walker said.

Walker's anxious about when and if he gets them back from the shelter. He said, "at this point, I don't know what my animals are being fed."

Animal control also seized several ducks, a turkey, and dogs. Lansing Police took marijuana plants from Walker's home during the animal seizure. They're looking into whether or not he violated the state's licensed caregiver laws.