Charlotte Public Schools investigating racist social media post

Posted at 7:25 AM, Jul 26, 2017

Charlotte Public Schools are investigating a racist photo posted on Instagram. The photo is of two African American people near a Charlotte school and uses racial slurs, swearing and the gun emoji.

"It just disgusts me," Nicole Dugan said. "I get like a feeling in my stomach, i just get enraged. I become livid because no human should be disrespected like that."

The photo is of two African Americans near a Charlotte school. It uses the n word. It uses the f word.

"It's just terrible to say about anybody," A Charlotte resident said. "Especially publicly like that."

And the comments are no better. One even says "they walk by my house smelling the whole road up at least twice a day. My neighbor's dogs don't even want to be outside."

"The person that posted that should really be ashamed of themselves," Glenda Kenyon said. "Because that's just stupid. It is just stupid."

The people in the photo were just walking past a school. They didn't deserve all of this hatred. Now the people in Charlotte want them to know this isn't what the town is all about.

"Not everybody in Charlotte is like that," A resident said.

"Come on, we gotta get along together," Kenyon said.

Charlotte public schools is investigating the students involved in the post.

The superintendent sent out a statement reading

"We would once again like to address the Charlotte community.
We would like to start by apologizing, on behalf of the community, for the shameful acts of a few residents. We cannot begin to describe our anger, frustration, and disappointment in the recent posts on Facebook and the behavior exhibited by certain individuals.

Please know that we condemn any behavior that discriminates or intimidates.

We have been in communication with local law enforcement, with the students and parents directly involved, and several others that have expressed concerns either directly to us or on social media.

We are taking necessary steps to continue the investigation and turn this very unfortunate set of circumstances into a learning opportunity for us all.

We know that the hurt caused by a very few individuals will not be erased but it is our goal to join forces with our students, parents, staff, and community to prevent this behavior in the future.

We will continue our efforts to teach our youth about appropriate behaviors at school and are looking forward to developing new strategies that will assist parents in doing the same. Activities like assemblies, weekly lessons on bullying, lessons on expected behaviors, community speakers, student based clubs focusing on kindness and anti-bullying, employee training, and free apps to help parents monitor social media and online activity are some of the strategies we will continue and enhance.

We again reiterate that the behavior of a few does not represent the students, staff or families of Charlotte Public Schools or the community of Charlotte."

They also plan on talking with the parents of the students involved in the post.

Community members say, they hope the students learn their lesson.

"i appreciate it, but i hope it's more than just a slap on the wrist," Dugan said.