Changes coming to I-94

Posted: 8:25 AM, Dec 01, 2015
Updated: 2015-12-01 08:25:13-05

The state released safety findings and recommended changes to I-94 following a massive pileup on the highway this year.

Could the I-94 pileup be prevented? MDOT, Michigan State Police. and the Federal Highway Administration, looked into I-94 and the events of January.

The report compares I-94 to other patches of highway. It found that during the winter months, I-94 sees accidents "24 percent greater than other statewide freeways."

And that's something drivers say they aren't surprised to hear.

"It seems like every year when there's bad weather there's a bad accident on 94, right? There's been a lot of accidents, a lot of fatalities on this road," said Dane DeMarco.

DeMarco and his wife are emergency freight drivers and go up and down I-94.

"Everybody follows too close. I'd say that's what that accident was about. I mean how could a hundred and thirty some cars be slamming into each other?" DeMarco said.

Part of the report on pileups calls for new electric signs, electric lighting, and freeway patrols. Things that drivers say should have already been there.

"I do not feel safe on 94 during the winter at all because it...when it gets real bad out the roads are not safe to be on," said Mike Quick.

Well before January's pileup, Mike Quick always avoided I-94, because he says it was too hard to drive on.

"Trying to get onto the highway, it does scare me a bit because of the lack of lighting and a lot of time if you're in a passenger vehicle, semis have a hard time seeing you at night," Quick said,

Drivers say they are happy to know that some changes are coming, but they know they'll have to wait.