Celebrations Low-Key After Big Win

Posted at 1:52 PM, Nov 29, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-29 13:52:15-05

The night started quiet and slow.

"We lose two thirds of our student population. Things are gonna slow down" said Andrew Timko, Menna's Joint Manager in East Lansing.

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday most Michigan State students were not on campus.

"Things are quiet but we do still do have students who stay home" Timko said. "During the game it's pretty dull but I mean before the game we had over 150 customers through the door. We expect as the game is now ending things are going to pick a lot back up."

And after Michigan State's win against Penn State, things picked up across East Lansing. But there were no cheering crowds. No chanting in the streets and only one couch fire.

East Lansing Police had extra crews out patrolling the streets making sure all the celebrating was done in good fun.

"Boy hey, let's go to Indy and who knows what can happen from there so the sky's the limit" said Rick Valade.

Valade is such a huge spartan fan that during last weeks game against Ohio he was thinking ahead.

"Last week after beating Ohio state I'm booking hotels to Indy. So myself and the family are going to Indy next week and bring on Iowa." said Valade. "As coach D says that would be step two and then we'll continue from there. Excited about Indianapolis."