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Catholic Diocese of Lansing to review handling of sex abuse allegations

Posted: 5:50 AM, Sep 12, 2018
Updated: 2018-09-12 08:13:22-04

The Catholic Diocese of Lansing plans to review it's handling of sexual assault allegations in the wake of the recent sex abuse scandal that has rocked the church.

"Bishop Boyea is making plans to conduct an external review to verify that the Diocese of Lansing handled allegations of sexual abuse of minors appropriately, and will publish the names of clerics who sexually abused children," the Diocese said in a statement sent to

In a letter published in the Dioceses' website, Boyea said he was 'horrified' by more revelations of predatory sexual conduct by Catholic Clergy, noting the "horrid behavior described in a grand jury report from Pennsylvania."

The Bishop detailed what the Diocese of Lansing has previously done to address sexual abuse, and it's plans to invite an external agency to review how allegations were handled.

Boyea also said that as far as the Diocese knows now, all clergy members who have been found to have abused minors are either deceased or permanently removed from ministry.