Canine team rescues lost kids in woods

Posted at 8:48 PM, Jul 09, 2017

BATH, Mich. (WSYM) -- Officer Aiko who is a canine dog with Bath Township Police Station is proof of that the nose "knows" after saving two children who lost their way in the woods Saturday afternoon.

Employees at Bengal Wildlife Center jumped into action calling police after yells of help could be heard from two children ages six and nine years old in nearby woods. The search was no easy task for police. That's when back up was called.

"We had pretty much everyone we could think of to come out there to help, but luckily Officer Aiko was able to get us where we needed to be to get the kids out of the pretty rough situation for them," Officer Michael Lapham said.

Police offer this advice to children if they ever find themselves lost in the woods. Use the "S.T.O.P." method. Sit down. Think. Observe your surroundings. Plan accordingly until police get to where you are.

"The one thing that those kids did that helped those kids the most was stay in one place. Part of that is so their odor would accumulate pretty densely where they're at, and as it disperses out, Officer Aiko uses his nose here and sort of catches the edge of that," Lapham stated.