Canine Influenza (H3N2) Cases in Michigan

Posted at 12:46 PM, Aug 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-16 11:06:37-04

Cases of Canine Influenza (H3N2) has been diagnosed in over 30 states. Michigan has recently started seeing cases of this infectious disease. Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine has treated some of these ill dogs. Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter, and other rescues and shelters in the area, have started preventative protocols to help reduce the spread of this virus. H3N2 has similar symptoms to “kennel cough” and other upper respiratory illnesses. It typically presents with sneezing, nasal discharge, and frequent coughing that may persist for two weeks or more.

Because this is an infectious disease spread by an airborne virus, a shelter environment is highly susceptible to an outbreak. Ingham County Animal Control and Shelter is taking a proactive approach and is already administering vaccinations to dogs that are staying at the shelter. It is a two step vaccine, requiring a booster shot 3 weeks after the initial vaccine. Shelter dogs will receive both doses at the shelter if they are still in the shelters care. Pet owners will be advised when the vaccination was given (or vaccinations) and are encouraged to speak with their personal veterinarians about additional follow up care and vaccines.

According to the University of Florida Shelter Medicine Program, most dogs recover in about two weeks without complications, however about 20% of infected dogs progress the pneumonia within the first week of the illness. The pneumonia can be life-threatening without proper veterinary care. Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter advises all pet owners to speak with their veterinarian about their pets risk for contracting the virus and further vaccination recommendations.

For more information on other programs, and discounted adoption specials at Ingham County Animal Control & Shelter, call 517-676-8370, visit the ICAC website at, or visit the shelter at 600 Curtis St. in Mason. Ingham County Animal Control is open Tuesday 12-6pm, Wednesday 12-7pm, and Thursday - Monday 11-4pm.