Campaign pushing Lansing bond proposal

Posted at 7:01 PM, Mar 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-28 20:27:41-04

From commercials to mailers to knocking on doors, the YES Campaign is out trying to educate voters on the Lansing School District's bond proposal.

"We are working hard with neighborhood associations to gain their support," Co-Chair of the campaign, Jack Davis said. "And, we are working hard with alumni groups from the various high schools."

To get a yes, on May 3rd to the District's $120 million bond proposal.

If passed, School Board President Peter Spadafore said over 25 buildings in the District would see the money.

"We're gonna see renovation of classroom spaces, upgrades on lighting and heating, ventilation, so that we're more efficient. So, that the classroom environment is more comfortable," he explained.

Plus, there are plans to upgrade the technology.

"We have good bones, but we don't have the bandwidth to accommodate every child using an online device. You know, one-to-one initiative doesn't do you any good if they can't connect to the internet," Spadafore said.

He told Fox 47 News it's all part of a plan the District has been working on for over two years.

"Our buildings just aren't there yet, so that's what these dollars will be used for is bringing our buildings in line with our curricular goals," he explained.

Spadafore said the average homeowner would be asked to pay an extra $3 a month in taxes for the next 25 years.

"It's important that we bring up our education level up to the highest standards so that, as I said, we have contributions to employment and technology and to the general entrepreneurial spirit from kids that are highly educated," Davis explained.

"Without a successful Lansing School District, we will not have a successful Lansing," Spadafore added.

Spadafore also told us if the bond passes, construction would begin this year.

He said he'd like to start with the Eastern High School project first.