Calley criticized for speech at MLK event

Posted at 9:34 AM, Jan 19, 2016

Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley is under fire for comments he made during Monday's Martin Luther King Luncheon in Lansing.

While speaking at the luncheon, Calley made no mention of the crisis in Flint, instead he offended some when he said that the next step in the civil rights movement is to end discrimination against people with brain disorders.

Calley's daughter has autism, and he is an advocate for people with disabilities.

But those at the luncheon said for Calley to call attention to autism and link it to the civil rights movement was a little out of place.

Many also thought he should have addressed the contaminated water in Flint in his speech.

Calley later told the Detroit Free Press he planned to address the lead exposure and children of Flint, but says he was only given two to three minutes to speak and ran out of time.