Businesses using Pokemon Go to grow

Posted at 7:36 AM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 07:36:56-04

 The goal of 'Pokemon Go' is simple.

Sign outside of downtown Lansing's For Crepes Sake.

Try and get as many Pokemon characters as possible and to do that you have to be moving.

"Driving around different parts of town to see what rarity Pokemon we can find," said player Brandon Hayduk.

It's been downloaded 7 and a half million times and businesses are taking advantage of the instant hit.

"They come in and then they try to capture, whatever they're trying to capture and then most of the time they sit down and order something," said Deborah Owen.

As owner of For Crepes Sake in downtown Lansing, Owen and her team got creative for players on the go.

"You can put it here and walk and eat and play Pokemon at the same time," Owen said.

That out of the box thinking is what director of Downtown Lansing Inc. says businesses should be doing to get players spending money.

"If you're a savvy business owner, you really need to find out if you are a Pokemon stop or by a gym," Mindy Biladeau said. "Then you need to sit back and throw a lure and really enjoy the show."

The lure attracts Pokemon characters to whatever area it's in then gamers are usually behind.

John Faett of Victory Martial Arts, noticed the craze and started taking advantage of it, "what we've been doing is posting on Facebook that this is a Poke stop and that also they can get their rare Pokemon here."

Combination of the game and social media is how these businesses are bringing the players in but then owners have to try and keep them.

"We're just trying to be involved and have top of mind awareness with the people," Faett said.

Gamers are not only learning about new businesses but they're out and about exploring the city, "they're in the area they're going into them and just exploring and discovering things on their own" Faett said.

A new game craze with no sign of slowing down.