Businesses give $300M toward K-12 computer science education

Businesses give $300M toward K-12 computer science education
Posted at 3:19 PM, Sep 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-26 15:19:38-04

A coalition of businesses including Amazon, Google and General Motors has agreed to give $300 million to boost K-12 computer science programs across the U.S.

Internet Association CEO Michael Beckerman announced Tuesday that the private-sector contribution will come in over the next five years. Beckerman led a panel discussion at a downtown Detroit high-rise that featured President Donald Trump's daughter and adviser Ivanka Trump.

Her visit to Detroit came a day after the president announced a plan to spend at least $200 million annually on competitive grants so schools can broaden access to computer science education.

Ivanka Trump said "knowing how to code is really foundational toward success in any industry."