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Boy creates inspiring videos after diabetes diagnosis

Posted at 7:30 AM, Dec 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-06 09:08:23-05

A local boy is inspiring others with his home videos after finding out that he was diagnosed with diabetes. Noah Colby and his dad have been documenting his diagnosis and the adjustments to his new life.

Back in March Noah Colby caught a common cold, but a few weeks later, his dad noticed he wasn't getting better.

"We noticed he was just drinking a ton. He couldn't shake his thirst...he was eating an enormous amount of food but he wasn't gaining weight", said Mike Colby, Noah's dad.

During Easter break, things got worse. Noah's family decided to cut their vacation short and take him to the ER. Noah's blood sugar registered at 376 and normal range is 70-120.

"We were there for an hour or two..doctors came in...and they were pretty matter of fact...Like this is your life now deal with it is we are diabetic and let's move forward", said Mike Colby.

After the doctors explained to Noah that diabetes is controllable, he took those words to heart. Noah told his dad that he wanted to create videos showing people in his own way that this diagnosis was not going to change him.

"We just wanted to tell the people that are close to me I am..this is my new life now", said Noah Colby.

During the videos, Noah talks about his new life living with diabetes, the good times and the bad.Noah knows it has been a big adjustment for his family, but he's thankful to have them by his side during this new journey.

"My sister has been helping me with testing and giving me shots and she's just been a big help to me. They have been with me for the entire time. I couldn't ask for more better parents than them", said Noah.

Noah hopes his videos inspire others with diabetes to have the courage and to keep pushing forward.

"To any kids that have been diagnosed I would just say..hang in there..and now this is apart of your life..and you have to be flexible with I know your pain..I know your pain", said Noah.

Noah says he is waiting to see if he qualifies for an insulin pump and that he'll know soon if he's approved.

Noah and his dad also plan on making more video's in the future. To check out more of Noah's video, click here.