Bills would bail out Detroit Public Schools

Posted: 5:56 PM, Feb 04, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-04 18:27:28-05

A bail out for Detroit Public Schools.

Sen. Goeeff Hansen, (R) Muskegon, sponsored the bill that would give DPS $715 million to get cleaned up and out of debt.

"We wanna get those dollars back into the schools, make sure we get them back into the classroom, and that kids get the education they deserve," said Sen. Hansen.

Just last month, the mayor of Detroit toured the schools and saw a dead mouse, cold children wearing coats in classrooms and a warped gym floor.

Top that off with $515 million of debt, and legislators agree, something has to be done.

"We need to fix the buildings," Sen. Morris Hood III, (D) Detroit. "We need to give them some stability, they need modern learning materials to prepare for the 21st century jobs that will be coming for them as they get older."

The bill would split the district into two parts: The Detroit Public Schools to pay down its debt, and Detroit Community Schools, a new debt-free district to house the schools.

It would also add a financial review board to oversee big contracts, and avoid future debt.

Which Sen. Hood thinks would take away local control.

"We must do it properly and correctly," Sen. Hood said.

And after seeing the conditions, some tax payers, and parents, are already on board with the idea.