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Bell's Brewery releases the most Midwest beer 'No, Yeah,' available year-round in MI

Bell's Brewery No, Yeah beer
Posted at 9:53 AM, Jan 15, 2021

(WXYZ) — Michigan-based Bell's Brewery is digging into its roots for its newest beer.

The brewery announced the new easy-drinking golden ale, "No, Yeah," will be available year-round in Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota starting next week.

The beer is 4.5% ABV and will be great for fans of lagers or other easy-drinking beer.

Bell’s Brewery would like to (politely) introduce you to its newest release.

“We saw an opportunity with our core offerings, part of a growing market, but also a niche that’s near and dear to us as proud Midwesterners,” Bell's President and Founder Larry Bell said in a release.

The name and packaging play into the Midwestern memes and sayings like "ope," "'scuse me" and more.

For those who don't know, "no, yeah" means "yes" and "yeah, no" means "no."