Beds made for kids in need

Posted: 9:50 AM, Jun 19, 2018
Updated: 2018-06-19 13:50:46Z

Are you in need of a bed?

Community members and Lowe's employees are stepping up on Tuesday to build beds for those in need.

The beds get delivered to local kids after they submit an application and a case for the need of the bed.

Anyone can apply for either their own child or someone they know at  the SHP website .

SHP stands for "Sleep In Heavenly Peace." It's a non-profit that started in Twin Falls Idaho in 2015. There is a local chapter in Lansing that covers about 25-30 miles around the city.

Money and tools collected for the project go to building the beds and getting the mattresses, blankets, comforters and pillows.

On Wednesday, June 19, 40 beds will be built at the South Lansing Lowe's on Cedar.

The Lowe's South Lansing donated all of the lumber and materials. Lowe's West Lansing donated all of the tools required to build the beds.

There are about 45 volunteers, mainly from Lowe's, who will be in the parking lot building the beds as part of the Lowe's Heroes Project.

Funds are still needed to purchase the mattresses for the beds. They hope to raise about $2500 for that purpose as well as to get the blankets and pillows,etc.

This is happening from about 8 a.m. til noon on June 19.