Beating the heat at Common Ground

Posted at 9:06 AM, Jul 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-06 14:17:13-04

The Common Ground Music Festival kicked-off Thursday where country music fans traveled near and far for the concert.

While the live shows are expected to attract thousands of fans in the hot sun, Lansing first responders say they are prepared for heat related emergencies.

Thursday, temperatures climbed over the 90-degree-mark as concert goers gathered under the sun to see their favorite artists.

“A night like tonight with the heat and humidity, by far our biggest issue is heat emergencies”, said Lansing Emergency Management Division Chief Mike Tobin.

Medics say the extreme heat could create the perfect storm for medical emergencies.

“When you're in an outdoor event like this or any venue when it’s hot and humid, if you start to feel that thirst and that fatigue from the dehydration, you're already behind”, Chief Tobin explained.

“So you want to hydrate before you come down and then continue to hydrate while you're in the venue.”

Officials told FOX 47 if you plan on kicking back a beer or two, wash it down with water.

“The rule of thumb especially when you're outdoors in the sun, or humidity is for every one beer or drink that you have, it's one bottle of water”, said Chief Tobin.