Basking in the 2016 Camaro's success

Posted at 9:37 AM, Jan 15, 2016

Visitors are snapping photos and taking notes. The 2016 Camaro is front and center at the Auto Show.

"As we walked in, we were very proud. When, first as you enter the doors, you see it on display and it's on the circular table. That's a lot of fun for us," said Michael Trevorrow, Lansing Regional GM Plant Manager.

He couldn't help but smile checking out the award-winning 6th generation assembled at the Grand River Plant.

"It's a great work force. Without that work force everyday, we wouldn't be able to build these vehicles," Trevorrow explained.

Especially as the demand keeps growing and they work to make a few changes in the coming months.

"They've got a whole list of new little tweaks that are gonna be made to the vehicle over and over," he explained. "And then, there's always in the history, at least, there's been faster and faster, high powered Camaros on the docket."

Mike Green of UAW Local 652 told us all of the plant's success with the Camaro has only strengthened the union. He says members couldn't be more proud of their work.

"Can you hear the music in the background? That's kind of like the mood in the plant right now," Green said. "I mean, everybody's rocking and rolling. We're ready to do this thing."

And, with a third shift added, Green said they're making history.

He explained, "We've never been fully utilized at Lansing Grand River, since the plant was first built. This car is making it possible to fully utilize - that means we're full capacity  - you've got the most members there. It's a great day for our members."

Who he can't say enough about.

"We've got a good team in Lansing that works together," Green said. "That's what makes this happen. That's what makes this beautiful car behind me happen."

A work ethic that will keep up with their momentum.

The Auto Show opens to the public on Saturday and runs through January 24th.