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Apartment caves in on woman and her son

Posted at 6:29 AM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 08:53:15-04

One minute she was sleeping, the next a mother was trying to dig her son out after the ceiling of their apartment collapsed on them.

Setiva Crusoe was woken up by the sound of her ceiling cracking. She and her son got out alive, but she's not happy with the apartment complex's response.

"The ceiling fell on me and my son, and Darius had to come and pull us out. I was just thankful to be alive," Crusoe said.

Crusoe told says she had to dig her son out from under the ceiling after it collapsed.

"I had to pull him from underneath. And as I did, my husband was pulling me out of the room," she said.

By that point they were covered in dust and drywall.

"Its everywhere, its all over my room, our clothes, the bed, the dresser. Just all over me and my son."

A spokesman for the company that owns Rivershell Apartments told FOX 47 News they offered to pay for a hotel room and let Crusoe out of her lease. She says that's not enough, and feels like they're just trying to get rid of her.

"They're trying to basically tell us that we don't have to pay our rent here this month and take our money and move somewhere else. I'm angry. I'm on fire."

The company says it's working to fix the ceiling but Crusoe says it's too litte too late.

"My son could have died. I could have died. Anything could have happened," she said.

Crusoe did take the owners up on their offer to pay for a hotel room. She is looking for a new place to live.

The apartment owner is Trinity Multifamily, which is based in Arkansas. The Better Business Bureau gives it an "A" grade despite having 13 complaints on file.