Animal Shelters can now perform background checks

Posted at 8:29 AM, Dec 30, 2016

A cat named Tyler just got adopted and is about to head home with his new owner Stephanie Corcoran- her boyfriend's the one who picked him out.

"He got home and was like 'we have to go see this cat we have until 5:30 to adopt it," Corcoran said,

Corcoran just recently lost a cat she'd had since she was a little girl. She's happy to have a new furry friend.

"It's nice to give a new cat a loving home," Corcoran said.

Shelters like Cascades Humane Society want their animals to go to loving homes like Corcoran's- that's why they're happy Lieutenant Governor Brian Calley signed a bill Wednesday giving them the ability to perform background checks on the people adopting.

"I think it's a good opportunity it's a good tool to have in our tool kit," Heather Leszcynski the executive director of Cascades Humane Society said.

The background checks aren't required- but now it's an option shelters can use in case they're concerned about somebody interested in a pet.

"If we were unsure of a situation or we wanted some more proof we can always now run a background check and know for sure," Leszcynski said.

Although they have the power to perform the background checks- they aren't sure how often they'll be able to use them.

"Unfortunately it is something that does cost money and as a nonprofit it might not be something we're able to do every single day,” Leszcynski said.

The checks are pricy- they also have adoption counselors who sit down with the adopters to learn more about 'who' the animals are going to.

“We're able to get a really good gage I think on the type of people we get and making sure the placement works out well for everyone," Leszcynski said.

They believe this new legislation is going to help them on their mission to find the right home for every animal.

"There's hundreds of thousands and possibly millions of animals that need homes so anything we can all work collectively to do is a great thing," Leszcynski said.

If you’re interested in adopting a pet from Cascades Humane Society you can visit

From there you can click on adoptions to find out more about the process. They have pictures and information about every pet available.