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Animal rescue grabbing attention with 'Schitt's Creek' puppies

Posted at 8:00 PM, Jan 26, 2021

LAKE ODESSA, Mich — Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary typically uses themed names for its animals, but the latest litter of puppies named after characters from the hit show Schitt's Creek have now caught the eye of celeb Dan Levy and a Canadian news outlet.

"We really can't believe it; it's amazing," said Autumn Russell-Huber, the general manager at Mackenzie's. "We did Alexis, Jocelyn, Roland, Johnny, David and Patrick."

The six pups were among dozens of animals rescued from a hoarding situation late last year.

"We got them when they were about two and a half weeks old," Russell-Huber explained. "It took a while for them to get where they were [ready] to be adopted."

After weeks of receiving care at Mackenzie's, the pups were ready to find forever homes. Not surprisingly, their clever names and cute faces started to catch a lot of attention online.

"When we started tweeting and posting their little pictures and Schitt's Creek, and the characters individually, then it caught on really big," Russell-Huber told FOX 17.

When Mackenzie's tweeted that David--the puppy named after Dan Levy's character--had been adopted, they were surprised to see Levy like the tweet.

"We looked and made sure-sure, and like, 'Oh my gosh, it's really him!'"

That's when Canadian news outlet Narcitypicked up the story, writing an article about the puppies as well.

All of the puppies have now been adopted out, with the exception of their mom, Moira, who's still available.

Russell-Huber said they've also named animals after characters from The Big Bang Theory and are currently working through Marvel names like Thor.

To learn more about Mackenzie's Animal Sanctuary, visit the Facebook page or website.

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