Active shooter bill proposed in Michigan

Posted at 9:47 AM, Mar 10, 2016

Michigan lawmakers are taking steps to keep residents safe from active shooters. Two lawmakers are proposing a new system that would warn people if a gunman was on the loose in the area.

The system would be similar to how Amber Alert works. The alerts would come straight to your cell phone, and to the local media to warn the public.

The proposed legislation comes after the Kalamazoo shooting rampage. Eight people were shot and six died.

Lawmakers hope a new "active shooter alert system" will help avoid another tragedy.

During suspect Jason Dalton's alleged shooting spree in Kalamazoo, authorities had no way of sending out a mass warning to people in the area to seek safety.

Some people near the shooting scenes say they had no idea anything was going on.

Two state lawmakers introduced bills that would alert the public to threats to their safety.

Under House Bill 5442, proposed by Republican Representative Brant Iden, Michigan State Police would run an alert system that would send messages to radio, television and cellphones.

Representative Iden says in a statement, "The recent, tragic shootings in Kalamazoo have highlighted the role accurate and timely information plays in ensuring the public safety. The State Police will use the quickest possible means to spread awareness while they work to control the situation and put a stop to violent threats."

Democrat Jon Hoadley drafted a similar bill after a suggestion from Kalamazoo County's Sheriff, on the heels of House Bill 5442.

Hoadleys' bill includes a penalty for any false reports.

Stay with us for updates on the status of the legislation.