AAA Study: 80% admit to having road rage

Posted at 7:40 AM, Jul 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-15 07:40:35-04

"We all know we do it, I think we're all nodding our heads," said Driver Andy Sheufelt.

He admits sometimes he can't help but get annoyed with other drivers while behind the wheel.

"I talk to them in a loud voice, like 'I can't believe you know c'mon, speed up, pass, get over.' And, my wife is so nice to remind me - settle down, it's okay, you know, we're not in a hurry," Sheufelt said.

Fellow driver Julian Minor said he has the same reaction.

He explained, "I've been guilty of doing it and you feel silly afterwards. But, it's the ones that don't feel silly afterwards that are the ones you gotta be careful about."

Because State Police said road rage incidents can escalate quickly.

"It doesn't take much for a vehicle to go out of control, if you're not paying attention, to drift over into someone's lane, cause them to swerve and go into somebody else's lane and can cause someone to create a chain reaction," Trooper Dan Obarski said.

Or worse, it can be deadly.

Martin Zale is currently serving 25 - 50 years for 2nd degree murder after shooting the man who cut him off in Howell two years ago.

And in 2013, two men shot and killed each other after pulling off the road in Ionia to settle a dispute.

"What AAA would suggest is don't offend people, take your time, understand that they might not be having the best of day, understand that your main focus is getting from point a to point b," AAA Michigan's Steve Zimmerman said.

And, if something does happen,

"Don't add to it. Don't be a secondary aggressor, you know, try to retaliate against somebody," Trooper Obarski said. "And if you do see it, best thing to do is to let them pass, let them get by you and if you can get an identification of the car, the license plate and call 911 if you're able to."

Better to get to your destination late, than not at all.

The study found men between 18 and 39-years-old are significantly more likely to road rage than other drivers.

Check out the graphic for the most common forms of road rage.