A unique boutique as diverse as you

Posted at 2:58 PM, May 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-06 15:00:50-04

Women come in all shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, big box stores typically only cater to some of them, creating a void for women that don't fit their mold.    

This void sparked an idea for Lauren Long, owner of Curvaceous Lingerie, to not only provide a boutique to showcase the diversity of woman, but also to bring empowerment.

"We are definitely unique to the Lansing-area, because for bras and stuff, we hit the niche of people who don't fit into Victoria's Secret, but also don't fit into Lane Bryant," said Long. "So, we have been filling these voids based on demand and the fact that we sell small to plus sizes. It's a very inclusive, empowering shop."

For bras, Curvaceous Lingerie offers sizes A-K cups, and 29-46 bands. The main focus, Long said, is for tiny bands and big busts. 

"That is where we kind of found a home," Long said. 

To make shopping more convenient for patrons, Curvaceous Lingerie tracks customers' measurements so when they come back they do not need to be re-fitted. It also helps if partners or family members are shopping for a perfect fitted gift. 

"It's easy for people to buy for you," Long said. "You don't have to keep tags or anything or look at the label to remember what you got the last time."

Curvaceous Lingerie moved to Old Town from their original spot in Okemos. Long said she always knew she wanted a store in Old Town, as she is a "little artsy," and is a place that is growing with boutiques. 

"I knew several of the shop owners [in Old Town] already just from actually shopping there myself," Long said. "There is a sense of service and connectedness, I think, that a lot of people really appreciate."

One of the great things about shopping in a boutique, especially in Old Town, is that when a customer walks in, they will most likely be greeted by the owner.

"I think people appreciate connecting with the owner," Long said. "You're getting face to face contact with people that know what they are doing. They are in charge. They hear what you're saying and it's a totally different experience than walking into [a big box shop]."

To get more information on Curvaceous Lingerie, or check out their events or book a private one, visit their website here. They also have a blog on their site that showcases different forms of lingerie, as well as articles on empowerment.