A lot of road projects starting up in Ingham County

Posted at 8:20 AM, Aug 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-13 13:29:05-04

Ingham County has released a plan of primary roads to be resurfaced with the start of work expected to start the week of August 13, weather permitting.

The road is expected to start soon in the following areas:

Wood Street - Grand River Avenue (M-43) to Lake Lansing Road, Lansing Township.

Lake Lansing Road - City Limits to Wood Street, Lansing Township.

Haslett Road - Shaw Street to Creekwood Lane, Meridian Township.

Hagadorn Road - Jolly Road to approximately 2000 feet south of Mt. Hope Road, Meridian Township.

Hamilton Road, west end Grand River Ave. to/including Nakoma intersection, and east end from/including Dobie Road intersection to -----Grand River Ave. (M-43), Meridian Township.

Eifert Road - Holt Road to Willoughby Road, Delhi Township.

Mitchell Rd & Vanneter Roads - Williamston Road to Rowley Road, Williamstown Township.

Hagadorn Road is expected to be started first the week of August 13 in order to have it sufficiently completed for Michigan State University's return to campus and football season. Some completion of work on Hagadorn may continue outside of peak traffic periods into September.

Hagadorn Road could not have been started until the Jolly-Okemos intersection project was substantially completed which is expected early next week with some continuing lane closures to complete miscellaneous work and restoration.

The above roads will undergo in-place pavement recycling and other miscellaneous work as necessary. Then the roads will be asphalt resurfaced about 1 to 2 weeks after the preparatory work is completed. 
Completion of resurfacing on the above roads is expected by late October, 2018.