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90-mile walk from Detroit hopes to bring attention to deportation

Posted at 9:01 AM, May 22, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-22 09:01:11-04

A group of activists finished a 90-mile walk from Detroit to show their support for families affected by deportation.

After nine days, the Pilgrimage to Keep Families Together reached their final destination at the All Saints Episcopal Church in East Lansing.

FOX 47's Cryss Walker was there.

Dozens of people from across the state came together to show support to families who have been separated as a result of deportation.

Pjeter Gojcevic says his family's life was turned upside down two weeks ago when his wife Cile was deported to Albania after living in the states for 18 years.

“When she went in for her check in they said, you come in the back of here”, Gojcevic said.

“They called me and said will you be able to pick up your children from school because we are detaining your wife.”

Gojcevic says his family has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years in effort to get Cile citizenship.

“We've spent over a quarter-million-dollars over the past 18 years trying to make it right. We tried. We tried and tried. Denied, denied, denied”, said Gojcevic.

The father of three says the change has been a hard adjustment for his children.

“Not only do they need a mom, but you know they also feel guilty like they done something wrong.”

Gojcevic says he's going to fight and file another motion to try to bring his wife back home and if that doesn't work then he's going to pack up and move the rest of the family to Albania.

All Saints Episcopal Church in East Lansing has declared itself as a sanctuary location for people who are facing deportation.

Federal immigration officials typically do not enter places of worship to enforce deportation laws.