5 homes evacuated in Potterville

Posted: 5:45 PM, Feb 20, 2016
Updated: 2016-02-20 17:45:43-05

Gusting winds caused big problems Friday night in Potterville. Fire crews evacuated five homes because a nearby electric transformer was sparking.

A live wire fell on two cars parked outside Joe's Gizzard City. Both cars caught fire and were destroyed.

The Potterville fire chief said it was tough to put out the flames because the wire was still sparking when crews arrived.

The fire crews started with CO2 extinguishers, but it didn't work. Speaking afterward, Chief Brent Corkwell explained why they couldn't spray the cars and the live wire with water from their hoses:

"We cannot add water to it, because the water would, of course, electrocute us."

Corkwell said the crew had to let the fires burn themselves out.

No one was hurt, and the restaurant was not damaged, thanks to fire crews who kept plenty of water on the wall facing the fire.